What does it mean to work as a feminist ?

Image : Collage par le groupe d'Artistes Riot Grrls.  This question, of the feminist work,  is a substantial question which led to me asking myself “how come my feminism is different from my mother’s, my friend’s, my neighbour’s ?’ I wonder what drives me everyday in doing what I do. You know, this urge, this... Lire la Suite →

An open letter to Lily Allen

Montréal, June 1st, 2019 Lily, Dear Lily ? Madame Lily, Lily, I have been listening to your music for so long, since the beginning, I guess. I’ve been singing along “Smile” for years, in haze, in anger, in joyful times. The first time I experienced your musical universe, I was thirteen, a young girl but... Lire la Suite →

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